Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day: a Day That Shouldn’t Exist – via Invisible People

“When a homeless person dies in Los Angeles and no relative claims the body, the person’s body is cremated. Once a year, all the remains of bodies that are unclaimed, are then buried together in an unmarked grave. How I know is because I researched after a friend of mine died. My friends name was Joseph, and if you’ve heard me speak, you’ve seen me end my presentation with his story. Joseph was lucky. We were able to get him into housing, so he didn’t die on the streets. But when I heard that he was going to be buried in an unmarked grave ,I decided to honor Joseph by telling, now tens of thousands of people about his life.”

See more here: http://invisiblepeople.tv/blog/2013/12/homeless-persons-memorial-day-a-day-that-shouldnt-exist/


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